AirPlay not working? How to fix your AirPlay problems

A simple but effective solution you must try is restarting your Apple Device. As of now, normal bugs with a device can cause issues. Both the Airplay peripherals must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Verify this on other devices if you are facing it working normally. There is a situation where you want to share the videos or photos with others, at the same point, for the users who want the optimal viewing to watch a movie.
Navigate to Apple AirPlay Settings and select AirPlay to turn it on if it isn’t already enabled. Select Retry on the Network Status screen and see if that fixes the connection problem. Make sure you’re connected to a standard Wi-Fi network and not a mobile hotspot.
When it comes to streaming music or videos to your television, Apple’s AirPlay technology is extremely useful. There are a few reasons why your device will not work with AirPlay. We’ve identified some of the reasons here so you can easily navigate them and figure out how to resolve them. There could be a bug that prevents the iCloud connection from working properly. To begin repairing, restart or reboot your device. If this doesn’t work, the next step is to move on to other solutions.
When I did the setup, I could connect my iPhone X to the TV via AirPlay, but now it does not work at all. Receive expert tips on using phones, computers, smart home gear and more. Click on the AirPlay button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. For either type of app, tap the device you want to use AirPlay with.
The whole ATV and Airplay stuff worked when it was new, but over time the sustainability of the connection and the playback for streaming has gone downhill. All of a sudden, my Apple TV HD cannot find the wired speakers connected to my Airport Express. Earlier this week, everything was working, but it’s not working now. Had I known of the idiosyncracies of the Apple TV HD, I would have stayed with my very old Gen 2 Apple TV. It was much simpler to use and more stable.
But, the forced restart by unplugging and plugging back in, does the trick every time. The HomePod Mini functions as an AirPlay receiver, allowing you to wirelessly stream audio, music, podcasts, songs, etc to the smart speaker. But randomly, the HomePod Mini does not show up in the list of available AirPlay devices. Apple doesn’t mention precisely how close airplay devices should be for technology to work effectively and efficiently. Still, it’s always worth keeping peripherals close to each other to prevent issues, including AirPlay not working .
However, connecting your Apple device to an LG TV is easy and straightforward with the right equipment and setup. Are you having trouble connecting your Apple Airplay to your LG TV? Here we will explain the steps to diagnose and address the network connection issue. This article will help you understand why AirPlay is not working on your Samsung TV or other devices and how to fix it. Follow these easy steps to fix the issue on your Samsung TV. We hope you found this article helpful. This will reset all network settings on your device and make it look like the first time you connected to the WiFi.
To fix this problem, head to PREFERENCES, look for SECURITY & PRIVACY, then click on FIREWALL. You could always try connecting your devices to the same network. android usb debugging was trying to use my newly purchased minis along with speakers connected to Airport Express devices to provide audio to more rooms and I had lots of disconnects, etc. When I deactivated the other speakers, the minis worked just fine. I guess Airplay can’t handle both HomePods and speakers using Airport Express devices.