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Cats who have weak hearts may not be able to run and jump so much, and it may be dangerous for them to get overexcited. Similarly, you may have to plan different play routines for cats with diabetes. Some you might already have at home or will find in the natural environment and some you will be able to buy from secondhand shops for very little cost.
I’m an adventurous and open-minded single female, recently out of a long-term relationship and ready to embrace new experiences. I’m also new to the swinging lifestyle and excited to explore it further. Old keyboards or calculators are great fun for babies to tap on, especially as they are rewarded with the ‘click click click’ sound. This is another great toy for developing touch and dexterity. Make great textured blocks by gluing different fabrics and materials onto wooden blocks.
Fear of other people and separation anxiety suggests that they recognise which relationships are passing, and which ones are stable. Social development starts at birth and continues throughout childhood. It is a process that is closely linked to emotional development.
Cover the box in brightly coloured book covering, and give baby some small toys to post. They will soon discover that some items fit through the holes, while others are too big or the wrong shape. See
Over the first few months, your baby may have uncoordinated eye movements. This is about 8 to 10 inches, or the distance between a mother’s face to the baby in her arms. Their focus improves over the first 2 to 3 years of life, so this is a really key sense to help baby develop.
Interactions with parents, carers, friends and siblings can help build the social skills that toddlers need for healthy development. However, they are easily distracted, so they may not listen, sit still or join in for very long. • Household chores such as dusting, baking and helping with the laundry. • Craft activities that involve cutting, sticking and painting. Parents and practitioners do not need to spend all their time structuring play opportunities. Gradual disengagement from involvement in their play can be beneficial.
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