Coming Up with Middle School Fundraiser Ideas

You can have karaoke contests, special crafts, and tons of games set up. Nobody wants to miss out on a giant slumber party with all of their friends. Not only can the admissions help raise money for the school, but it gives kids a chance to meet new friends and try new things.
At the beginning-of-the-year orientation, administrators can ask for a one-time donation with the promise that there will be no other large fundraisers for the rest of the year. In determining how much money to ask for, be mindful of what your school families can afford. Parents often will be very receptive to this idea, knowing that they do not have to help sell candy bars, gift wrap, or other items for the rest of the year. Our Simple Snacks fundraiser offers 50% profit on every item.
Instead of asking for cash donations (and risking it being lost), invite parents to donate online or at school. They can donate in advance, which gives them time to come up with a costume. You could also use a giving app in your school’s office so parents can make donations in person. Middle school fundraising is a thing we have to think about sometimes. Middle school fundraising is a thing we have to DO sometimes.
Give each item a price tag, and be sure to post the best finds online to entice buyers to your store. Raise money by charging an event entry fee, or let participants run the course multiple times for a descending fee each time. For instance, charge $50 for the first run, $35 for the second run, $20 for the third run, and so on. That way, there’s an incentive to improve their course time.
A penny drive is a great school fundraising idea because it is easy to set up and it doesn’t require much effort from students. All you need to do is set up a box where students can drop their pennies. You can also have students collect pennies from their families and friends. Schools can also hold competitions between classes or grades to see who has the most school spirit. This is a great way to get everyone involved and excited about raising money for their school.
You get 50% profit, or half the selling price for every item you sell. That means smaller groups make the same profits for selling bag gardens as larger groups. The cards are easy to sell and offer great value, plus they can be custom designed for your group. This is the perfect fundraising idea for Bands who have members spread out throughout the country because you can sell the memberships to anyone, anywhere in the US or Canada. One of the hardest things about hosting a charity fundraiser is knowing what kind of raffle items will stand out for attendees and drive raffle ticket sales. A best practice is to research your attendee audience, looking at past raffle sales and auction item interest, to determine what they’ve historically been willing to bid on.
Whether you plan this fundraiser around homecoming or prom season (or both!), you’re sure to get a big turnout. Ask community members and alumni to donate old formal dresses, which you’ll then sell at a discounted price to your students. You can have students and/or community members join in on the fun. Have participants collect pledges from friends and family members.
Make schools fundraising that people want to display and you’ll be able to sell more calendars. This is a simple project that requires some organization and a printer and can help you raise some money. Food trucks are another popular option if you’re looking for a fun partner to help raise some money.
Everyone loves a theme, so make your typical bake sale a bit more exciting by choosing a secret ingredient to feature in all the baked goods. Email it out to everyone a few days ahead of time; they then have to use it in their sweet-and-sticky creations. Chocolate or citrus is easy, but people just might shell out the big bucks to see who can successfully make a kale cake.
You may use your understanding of your audience’s interests to develop ideas so you have a successful sale. Offer your supporters a tour of your nonprofit organization. Take them behind the scenes and show where your team works from. You can also serve some snacks and beverages for a small price.